Platforms for Service Industry

Huaqiao International Service Business Park

The park is positioned to integrate with Shanghai and benefit from the spillover effect of Shanghai, with a focus on the development of headquarters, Internet economy, exhibitions and conventions. It aims to become a modern exquisite, comfortable, dynamic and fashionable business city. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, the park is expected to add RMB 28 billion worth of value to its service sector, whose share of its GDP will expand above 80%.

Kunshan Software & Service Zone

The zone aims to produce a yearly output of RMB 10 billion, become a reputed brand and a national EDZ. Focused on sectors such as service outsourcing, animation, education and training, and E-commerce, the zone is created to be an influential modern service park. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, it is expected to achieve RMB 10 billion in value added to the service sector, whose share of its GDP will exceed 50%.

Bonded Logistics Zone of Kunshan Free Trade Zone

The zone will extend its activities to cover more areas, including trade, logistics, R&D, repair and maintenance, so as to support companies to extend beyond processing and manufacturing across value chains and move the local electronics industry up the value ladder. The zone aims to achieve RMB 10 billion in domestic sales and RMB 400 billion in bonded logistics by the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period.

Kunshan Commercial Zone

Targeting the local market, the zone as a new platform is focused on commerce to elevate commercial experience. Auto sales and MRO businesses will be the two major economic drivers of the zone, complemented by business finance, logistics and warehousing, as well as other diverse sectors such as decorative materials, sports and fitness, health and recreation and amenities. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, the zone is expected to achieve RMB 35 billion in sales.

Kunshan Creative Industries Park

Zhouzhuang, China's most famous water town, began to develop creative industries in 2008, and established Kunshan Creative Industries Park in October of the same year. In 2009, the park was acknowledged as a Jiangsu Provincial Park of Cultural Industries; in 2010, the park was again designated as a National Demonstration Park of Cultural Industries. Based on the four zones¡ªArt Expo Zone, Original Art Zone, Ancient Town Zone and Ecological Zone, the park is focused on four sectors¡ªcultural tourism, cultural performance, creative design and art development¡ªto create a special cluster of creative industries with complete functions and diverse business models. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, the park is projected to generate RMB 5 billion in yearly sales.

Qiandeng Modern Business Logistics Park

The park is mainly created to connect with the Hongqiao transportation hub of Shanghai. Focused on business logistics, the park mainly targets E-commerce and other trading companies. By the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period, the park is expected to achieve a yearly turnover of RMB 10 billion.

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