Kunshan Joins Hands with Suzhou Telecom to Build “Urban Brain”

On the afternoon of Feb 25th, Kunshan Municipal People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Suzhou Company of China Telecom to jointly pull off the “Urban Brain”. Facilitated by the new generation of information technology, the two parties pledged to make greater effort to strengthen information communication with a view to enhance administrative efficiency, urban governance, as well as citizens’ experience. The cooperation mainly includes boosting the 5G intelligent industry, highlighting the building of the “Urban Brain”, and fully enhancing the infrastructure for information communication.

Suzhou Telecom will continue to invest and allocate more resources in Kunshan, expand optical network coverage and bandwidth across the city, put in place the 4G/5G mobile communication network, install face identification system, promote the IT-based comprehensive utilization, help build “Safe Kunshan” and “Smart Communities”, enhance the integrated utilization of cloud computing, IoT, big data, and the next generation of Internet in the various economic and social domains in Kunshan, and further strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness and sustainability of Kunshan.

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